Friday, December 24, 2010

I am Back!

Seems like so frigging long since I last posted something;7 months and 4 days to be exact. So, here's a little update on what has taken place in these past 7 months:

I am officially done with semester 3, 5 more semesters before I bid studying goodbye and hello society! The debate club of UTM officially organized Iskandar Debating Championship and it turned out to be quite a success. The club, however is not in very good shape. A lot of planning needs to be done in the next semester. Well, I am enjoying what I study and hopefully can put them to good use. That's about it for uni.

Hm, come to think of it, when 2010 is mentioned, the only word that comes to mind is REBUILDING. I have gone through some really tough times this year with several issues lingering in my mind. Studies, relationship and also the walk of faith to name a few. It's time for me to move up one level in the walk with the Big Guy. Been challenged by Yosh to do something, which I will only reveal upon making it :P

In the meantime, I am gonna tuck my head into books ( both academics and non academics ) to be better in studies and my Christian walk. Secondly, gonna try to abuse..I mean take opportunity of uni's funding to visit countries, if not just all around Malaysia =) Thirdly, to put down the gun. Hehe. You saw that right. Yours truly is coming out of the battlefield of love and not planning to get in just yet. Hopefully I can walk the talk =)

It's Christmas eve, and a long day ahead for me. Still, wish you all a great christmas eve and a merry christmas! Spread a little joy, a little love and enjoy this weekend! XD


yiLiaN said...

lol, thought that ur blog is almost closed.

zhihow3 said...

haha..and i thought nobody actually reads it anymore..well,was suffering from severe writer's decided to revive it dy lor =)